Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl Hates You

Another year, another Super Bowl. With the game itself even more predictable than usual (if anyone honestly thought the Colts had a chance in hell after watching the pre-game coverage, then they're far less cynical than I am), I was at least expecting to be amused by a few commercials. It's too bad they were without a doubt the weakest bunch in recent memory. Writing this less than 24 hours after the game, I could hardly remember 3 of them.

Of course, every year there are people (like this guy) who bemoan the blatant misogyny of the majority of these ads, and they are absolutely right. Advertisers anually perpetuate the idea that football is a man's domain, and during the Super Bowl woman exist solely to serve brewskis and Doritos to their men. During this sacred time for dudes, women are even susceptible to Tim Tebow telling them to "choose life." Well, he's a Heisman winner, so he must be right!

Here's the thing, though. As a man, I am equally offended by the depiction of my gender in most of these ads. Yes, they are chauvanistic, but they're actually degrading to the human race in general. In the realm of advertising, all women are sexy accessories and/or general pains in the ass, and all men are mentally deficient frat bros who would do anything for a beer. Case in point, the Bud Light Book Club spot. Man no like reading books, man like drinking beer and working out.

It's official: ad men have zero faith in humanity.
PS: Is there a male version of feminism? Masculinism, maybe? If there is, sign me up.

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